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1975 Union Pacific Caboose CA-10

473 E Historic Columbia River Highway
The caboose is not available for tours at this time.
1975 Union Pacific CA-10 Caboose Rehabilitation

Thanks to a city grant, combined with matching funds and many volunteer hours from THS, our 1975 Union Pacific CA-10 Caboose is painted in bright yellow and red, and even glows in the dark.

In late fall of 2016, painters from Georgia came to restore the exterior of the caboose. Treasurer Marilee Thompson led the operation with help from Kelly Broomall, Stan Clarke and Jon Lowell. Clarke chased down and found a way to get new reflective decals, which is why it glows in the dark. Gerald Stephan has restored the stove. LeAnn Stephan's brother, Steve Mackley of Beaverton Auto Upholstery, has reupholstered all the chairs and benches, a gift of $2,600.  

We need to clean up and restore the exterior of the rusting refrigerator. We want to extend electricity to the caboose so we have lights and heat. The interior will require a careful cleaning and some paint touch up, the windows need polishing with a special compound, ditto the aluminum window frames.  We plan to leave the interior as it is. It has wonderful stenciled instructions explaining how to run a caboose and the autographs and other signs of use that occurred over the years. "It is a museum," says Clarke, who has done much of the research.

The Depot Rail Museum is open each Friday, hosted by Kelly Broomall. While we can't host tours  inside the caboose right now, you are most welcome to come by and find out how things are going. If you have help to offer, even better. (Article from the THS Bygone Times Jan-March 2017 Issue)

Our caboose rehabilitation caught the attention of Arlen Sheldrake, a reporter for The Trainmaster newsletter. The article made the front page of their January 2017 issue. Click on this link to read the entire newsletter.
The Trainmaster, January 2017, Issue No. 654 Thank you Stan Clarke for bringing this to our attention.


In 2017, the Caboose was decked out in Christmas lights. Thanks to Kelly Broomall, Tom & Linda Miller, Home Depot, and Orient Electric.

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