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THS* Director Job Description

The Director will work with the Board to study the organization, its needs, potential, and priorities and in concert with volunteers, develop and implement a strategic agenda for the next decade, including a plan to ensure sound financial growth of the organization. With members of the appropriate committee, the Director will develop a comprehensive marketing and advertising campaign to increase and maintain the public’s awareness, attendance and participation in THS.
The Director will report to the Executive Committee under direction from the full Board of 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work with the Board: to establish and implement long and short range goals, objectives, policies, and operating procedures; to monitor and evaluate program effectiveness; to effect changes required for improvement.

  • Design and maintain volunteer recruitment and training programs to accomplish effectively the Society’s goals and objectives.

  • Plan and direct communication with the City of Troutdale, the Levy Oversight Committee, Members, Donors, Volunteers, and the general public.

  • Plan and develop strategies for generating revenue via fundraising efforts and grant development with the appropriate Board Committees.

  • Develop and manage annual budgets for the Society and perform periodic cost and productivity analyses with the Finance Committee.

  • With the Collections Committee, oversee museum artifacts including accessioning, de-accessioning, preservation, research, and other professional activities.

  • Work with the Exhibit Committee to develop temporary and permanent exhibits.

  • Oversee facility management, including security.

  • Oversee the administrative (and perform as necessary) tasks as outlined in the Administrative Assistant (AA) Job Description, in concert with a combination of paid staff and volunteers. Oversee and direct AA. Maintain, manage, and troubleshoot office routines for the THS.

  • Network with other historical societies and museums in the area.

  • Perform other duties as assigned.

  • Represent the THS in a professional manner at all times.



  • A minimum of three (3) years experience in a senior level business/nonprofit management position or comparable higher education. 

  • Demonstrated ability to lead people in a collaborative manner.

  • An interest in museums and the history of the Troutdale area.

  • An ability to multi-task, to prioritize tasks, and to work with limited supervision.

  • Command of the English language in written and oral communications.

  • Proficiency in basic mathematics for a work environment, plus proficiency in Word, Excel, Past Perfect, and Google Docs.


  • Experience in a museum environment and/or with a non-profit.

  • Experience working with a Board and/or Volunteers.

Salary: Range of $20 – $22 per hour depending on experience.

Please send resumes and a cover letter to by October 31, 2023. Thank you!

*THS = Troutdale Historical Society

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