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In 1968, some wise folks from Troutdale, stirred by the imminent threat of urbanization, took a stand to preserve the charm of their historic town. And so, the Troutdale Historical Society was born – a beacon of community spirit and a testament to the power of local passion.


This non-profit 501(C)3 organization is like a tight-knit family, steered by a dedicated Board of Directors along with the invaluable support of an executive director, an administrative assistant, and a crew of enthusiastic volunteers. These volunteers, the heartbeat of our society, wear many hats – from hosting our three museums to orchestrating successful events and cooking up fresh, exciting ideas.


Behind the scenes, a team of volunteer curators tends to our treasure trove of historic photos, documents, and artifacts, weaving together the threads of our town's rich tapestry. With more than 400 members strong, our community is bound by a shared love for history, and we keep the connection alive through a quarterly newsletter that reaches our members via both traditional mail and the digital realm.


But it doesn't stop there – our newsletter also finds its way to local businesses and historical societies, extending the warmth and stories of Troutdale beyond our town limits. Together, we're not just preserving history; we're creating a legacy of community, resilience, and the kind of hometown pride that makes Troutdale truly special.


Executive Board of Directors


Dave Ripma


Our THS President since 2023, a former Vice President and President Emeritus, started as a member in 1991. As a Patent Lawyer and Electrical Engineer with a Georgetown Juris Doctor, he's not just preserving history but shaping it. Also serving on Troutdale City Council, his commitment extends to both heritage and community leadership.


Norman Thomas

Vice President

Our current THS Vice President, previously President (2021-2022) and Vice President (2019-2021), has been instrumental in shaping Troutdale's history since joining in 2015. With a background in Computer Application Programming and a retired US Army Staff Sergeant, he brings diverse skills. Also, he's chaired the Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission Finance Committee since 2000.


Marilee Thompson


Our current THS Treasurer since 2022, formerly in the role from 2014 to 2021, has been dedicated to Troutdale's history since before 2003. A Washington State University graduate and retired Enrolled Agent from Double T Tax Associates, she has also contributed to the Troutdale Town Center Committee (2017-2020). A proud resident of Troutdale since 1984.

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Our Secretary office is currently vacant.

Board Members

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