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Before making your donation please read the information below, so your donation gets to the right account. To make a donation to Troutdale Historical Society just tap the Donate button and follow the prompts.

Are you donating to our General Fund / Operating funds?

Our operations fund is for everyday needs and items for the Troutdale Historical society. If you would like to donate to our General fund, make sure to choose, "General funds - Operations."

Are you donating to our Endowment funds / Investments?

Donations that go to our Endowment funds is for future investments. Any money that goes into this account will be invested for the Troutdale Historical Society. If you would like your endowment donation to be In Memory of a special individual, type that in when prompted.

If you would prefer to donate through the mail; send checks or cash to:

Troutdale Historical Society 

219 E Historic Columbia River Highway

Troutdale, OR 97060

*Memo section: write donation and the type; Operating or Endowment*

Mailing Address: 219 E Historic Columbia River Highway, Troutdale, Oregon 97060  (503) 661-2164

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