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McMenamins Edgefield History Pub
McMenamins Edgefield & Troutdale Historical Society

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Oregon's Amusement Parks

Presented by Darrell Jabin

Remember the excitement of your first rollercoaster ride? Jantzen Beach, the "Coney Island of the West," opened in 1928 as the largest amusement park in the nation, delighting visitors until 1970. Dive into Oregon’s rich amusement park history with Darrell Jabin, "Oregon's Traveling Historian." Since 2009, Darrell’s award-winning videos and engaging presentations have captivated audiences, showcasing tales from parks like Pixieland and Oaks Park. Join him as he brings to life the magic of carnival rides and carousels through the memories of those who lived it!

Monday, July 8th 2024
Doors at 6pm / Program at 7pm
Blackberry Hall - McMenamins Edgefield
2126 SW Halsey, Troutdale, Oregon 97060

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