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Barnyard Concert 
Friday, August 6   6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Come listen to Yuma de Cuba  under the trees at the Barn Exhibit Hall! Click HERE for more information.

THS History Hunt
Troutdale Community - Fall Festival of the Arts
Sunday, September 3 - 19    

Raffle Drawing on September 19 at 2 pm at Glenn Otto Community Park,

1102 E Historic Columbia River Hwy, Troutdale, Oregon during the Fall Festival of the Arts (September 18-19, 2021)

Go to top of this page to register. 

Smithsonian Museum Day:
Fred E. Harlow House & Barn Exhibit Hall 

Saturday, September 18  9 am - 4pm

We are excited to reopen! We have new exhibits and merchandise waiting for you!  Come learn about the famous Troutdale smelt runs, the popularity of gas stations so close to the Historic Columbia River Highway and the impeccable tailoring and the history of women in World War II.

Click HERE to read more about our museums.